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Some of Yarsan followers victims due to discriminatory system of the Islamic regime of Iran

Some of Yarsan followers victims due to discriminatory system of the Islamic regime of Iran

2001 (Sayed Khalil Alinejad)
Seyed Khalil Alinejad was a musician, singer, composer and one of Yarsan religious dignitaries who traveled to Sweden to teach Tambour for few months.
A few weeks before returning to Iran was murdered in Gothenburg (göteborg) by unknown individuals and his body and his house was set on fire.
It has been said he was assassinated by the secret agents of the Islamic Republic.

2004 (Oj Tape Miandoab Village)
In September of 2004, one of the West Azerbaijan Province police chief ordered to cut a Yarsani conscript’s mustache. In protest to this offensive action, some residents of the village “Oj Tape Miandoab” (the Yarsani soldier was from there) wrote some slogans on boards and installed them in the village which had a usual reaction from police in order to eliminate the boards. It became a kind of clash between people and police.
In this incident, 6 of Yarsan people killed by police and some of them arrested.
In this action, two Yarsan followers by names “Mehdi Ghasemzadeh” and “Younes Aghayan” were sentenced to death by charged with acting against national security and insulting to the leader of Islamic republic Iran.
It should be noted that three other defendants in this case, by names Sahand Ali Mohammadi, Bakhsh Ali Mohammadi, and Abdullah Ghasemzadeh were sentenced to 13 years imprisonment in exile (In City Yazd) by the court.
Saturday, February 28, 2009, Mehdi Ghasemzadeh was executed without informing his family and his body was never returned to his family.
Younes Aghayan other death row inmates who are spending his 12th years in prison, in 19th August 2015 his death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment and now he has to spend his whole life in prison.

2009 (Kianoush Assa)
One of the followers of Yarsan called Kianoush Assa (a graduate student in chemical engineering) after attending a rally protesting the tenth election results went missing on Monday, June 15, 2009, and his body was delivered to his family by the coroner after about 10 days.
The witnesses say that only one bullet had hit him but when his family took his body they have seen the Signs of two bullets on his body.
The Islamic Regime of Iran has gone to the same hospital on the same day that Kianoush Assa was taken there.
It seems that they have taken the body for 4 days and when they killed him to give the body to the coroner. The reason of his death is yet unclear.
Also, his brother called Kamran Assa was arrested on Monday, December 7, 2009

2011-2013 (Sheler Farhadi)
Kurdish Yarsan student, Arrested and tortured by the Islamic regime of Iran until she committed suicide in 4/1/2013 Kermanshah, Iran.
On Sunday, October 16, 2011, Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei went to Razi University in Kermanshah. In that visit, some parts of a critical petition of the situation in Iran was read at the presence of Khamenei by the students which has to be signed by 80 persons.
But most of the signatories of the petition are sentenced to prison. After 5 months Sheler’s family found her in prison, while she was extremely weak, not capable of walking and barely able to talk.
After 10 months of releasing from prison, she was summoned again by the Kermanshah Intelligence Bureau. When she heard that she must return to prison again, she committed suicide.

2013 (Self-immolations in protest)
In June 2013, the mustache of a yarsani prisoner called Kioomars Tamnak was forcibly shaved in Hamadan prison.
This action was an insult to yarsan conventions and a caused outrage of yarsan people. During these protesting, 2 of yarsan follower committed Self-immolations.
On Tuesday, June 4, 2013, a young yarsan followers called Hassan Razavi committed Self-immolation in protest against the Islamic regime of Iran in front of the governor of Hamadan who has passed away a few days later in hospital due to the wounds from burns.
In continuing to protest, on Wednesday, June 5, 2013, another yarsan follower called Nikmard Taheri from Sahneh, Kermanshah burned himself against insults and defamation to Yarsan in front of the governor of Hamadan and died before reaching the hospital. It should be noted that Mehdi Rahmani a yarsan follower was arrested because of filming the self-immolation in front of the governor of Hamadan.
During the fortieth-day commemoration of “Nikmard Taheri” the speaker of the rite called Mohammad Ghaboli was arrested by police.
Although it had not passed a long time, another yarsan follower called Mohammad Ghanbari committed Self-immolation on Saturday, July 27, 2013, in front of the parliament of Iran to protest against oppression and discrimination to Yarsan people and he died a few hours later in hospital.
However, the conditions have never changed and the previous action did occur again, On Friday, September 27, 2013, the mustache of another yarsani prisoner called Safar Faraji was forcibly shaved. It is noted that Safar was going to be in prison just for three days and they did that to him at that 3 days. This man who was from Hashtgerd, Karaj, tried to burn himself several times after releasing from prison but his family did not let him do this to himself and forbade him (Safar Faraji) from doing so.

2014 (Hekmat Safari)
Hekmat Safari, a Kurdish Yarsan conscript in Iran, who committed suicide with a gun on Sunday, April 6, 2014, due to a high level of pressure to convert to Islam but he preferred to die (in Bijar, Kurdistan, Iran) as he didn’t want to submit to Islam and pray Salat.
The officials and military personnel of Hekmat’s conscription place attempted to insult to Hekmat’s belief and harassed him.
Before committing suicide he called his family and then he killed himself.
It should be noted that Iranian intelligence didn’t allow his family to use the gravestone which they have bought for him and it has been said to them that they must use another one.

2016 (Executing on false accusations)
Fardin Hosseini was 35 years old, Kurdish Yarsan citizen, from Sahne, Kermanshah, married and father of a 15-year-old girl, was sentenced to death on false charges in Karaj, Iran.
But what readers should know is that the Islamic regime of Iran does not execute the prisoners that easy. Those who are sentenced death must pass several years under hardest tortures and then they will be executed.
Fardin Hosseini one of the Yarsan followers and the political prisoner was executed on Thursday, January 21, 2016, after 6 years.

2017 (Executing on false accusations)
The inhuman regime of Iran executed a Kurdish Yarsan follower Called Mohammad Reza Samadi Nasab on Monday, March 13, 2017, in Dizelabad prison of Kermanshah.
This 30-year-old man who was in prison about 3 years on drug charges was sentenced to death in a 20-minute court without any right of defense and the right to a lawyer.
He strongly denied the charge and said that this is a false accusation.

2017 (Self-immolations in protest) – two brothers
Two brothers called Ehsan Fezoni and Mehdi Fezoni (Naderinia) committed Self-immolation on Thursday, April 13, 2017, to protest against discrimination and poverty from Islamic regime of Iran.
They ended the life with full of pain which they have experienced through these excruciating years.
According to reports from Kermanshah, Because of the problems which exists for Yarsan people (from discrimination and poverty and unemployment till the obstacles and oppressions from government) Mehdi Fezoni committed Self-immolation in Kermanshah to protest against the inhuman government of Iran and then Ehsan Fezoni (from Conor Abad, Bisotun) the older brother of Mehdi burn himself on the same day after hearing his brother’s self-immolation and became another Yarsan victim to be written in Yarsan struggle history to show the world another bitter leaf of the problems of Yarsan community in Iran.
Yesterday Nikmard Taheri, Hassan Razavi, and Mohammad Ghanbari. Today Mehdi Fezoni and Ehsan Fezoni and tomorrow…? Heavy breathing

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