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The Fourth Congress of the Yarsan Democratic Organization (YDO)

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The members, supporters and interests of the Yarsan Democratic Organization, according to Article 7. Paragraph 2 The organization’s congress should be held for two or a maximum of three years. And on this basis, the fourth congress will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, 21-22. September 2019.
Congress is the highest body of the organization. Among the functions are the adoption of the program and constitutional changes and any new resolutions, the selection of a central committee and the appointment of the various bodies to govern the next round of the organization.
According to the fourth article for the Yarsan Democratic Organization, Participation in elections is the rights and obligations of the members of the organization, so the central committee of the organization wants a more active role for all the members and supporters of this democratic process.
We also ask that you submit your suggestions, criticisms and comments or questions to the Central Committee for the following electronic address.

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