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Yarsan Democratic Organization Constitution and Programs (June 2016)

According to human writing and verbal history evidences and other cultural keepsakes and survival and worlds in common civilization ، humans world depend on material and spiritual specific dimensions of basic society. The image of cosmos that took humans mind to thinking and believing has direct influence in every aspect: action, believing, behavior, social insight and individual life and other interaction and person’s action and reaction.

Yarsan Democratic Organization
Constitution and Programs (June 2016)
The original Persian, translated by Jonnes Senjabi


According to human writing and verbal history evidences and other cultural keepsakes and survival and worlds in common civilization ، humans world depend on material and spiritual specific dimensions of basic society. The image of cosmos that took humans mind to thinking and believing has direct influence in every aspect: action, believing, behavior, social insight and individual life and other interaction and person’s action and reaction.

There were fighting for better life as long as mankind life.

despite of low understanding and recognition level of old societies because limitations was obstacle to clear and comprehensive definition of human rights , general understanding were familiar with elemental of justice and human prestige and judged human privacy and optional borders of society based on own judgments.

people during whole history always has been trying to have equal rights.

despite of basic human rights which has defined by Universal declaration of human right and most of the countries has recognized them and committed to carry out them.

there are a lot of people and societies which even have deprived of these basic right systematically and programmatic by regimes and governments.

from long time ago Yarsanian people were one of the society which have been violated of human right and discriminations in different huge aspects.

Social and political history of mankind is full of names of commanders which each one took a position as a title or history itself have chosen a name for them which they deserve.

People with in common same judgments consider some leaders as Cruel and some of them as righteous.

despite of taking away of people political actions by despotic and cruel forces , people resistance and fighting for equal rights and justice system which can prove individual and general people right and individual and social freedom and economical right still continues in whole world.

Yarsanian people are example of them which fighting for education right and humanistic right based on peaceful ways from long time ago till now.

In absence of democracy, the earliest rights and human freedom for Yarsanian people has limited, violated and completely disregarded.

Continuation of such a circumstance carries on individual and general dissatisfaction and cause social and political instability in society.

In those society with discriminations and inequality of human rights challenge peaceful coexistence in people relationships.

In those society with discriminations and inequality of human right challenge peaceful coexistence among people relationships.

Yarsan and National Identity

Yarsanian people are one of the steadiest and the purest race society that for defending their identity, language and culture as well as other part of Kurdish people in Kurdistan always have been suffering from national and religious oppression.

Whereas culture, social and humanity values formation process has changed and completed because of affected by language, thoughts , religious and scientific philosophies.

Yarsan society also because of prospections, beliefs, unique philosophic thoughts and by Yari religion has achieved to cultural features, peculiar social and humanity values.

We can understand from studying of Yarsani monuments, written and oral literature and also their beliefs and behaviors that most of the traditions and customs related to Yarsan society from long time ago were popular among Kurdish people and other ethnicities in Iran’s plateaus and specially Zagros inhabitants.

Yarsan society are carry on Liberalism torch, vanguards and leaders of freedom in Iran and Kurdistan.Yarsan society after Falling the Sassanid Empire and stabilization of the Arabs politic power over their ancestral territory, alongside of other forces in Kurdistan and Iran in second A.H century broke silence years and with other social forces in Iran have fought according to Yarsan’s relics , after the Arabs conquest on Yarsanian territories , different movements in different years for protection and rebuild and social structures of our identities before Islam and also resistance against Occupiers political , cultural and economic attacks against tyrannies and the Arab dominated policies.

have arisen during different period of time.

Which some uppermost of them are BABA SARHANG DODANI Movement ((10th C.century)) LORESTANI SHAH KHOWSHIN ((11th C.century)) and BABA NAWOS JAAF.

Continuous of these movements finally became to SOLTAN SAHAK BARZANJI period in 13th C.century and appearance and publicity of Yari religion.

During this period of time a contract as BIAVBAS PERDIWARI or ((PERDIWAR is a name of place in Awraman Kurdistan Iran))AVBAST PERDIWARI was concluded.

This contract shows Yari religion beliefs principles, ideals, goals and leading society ways based on the council system.

Fighting and resistance for protection of cultural and religious identity organized based on some old beliefs before Islam which were popular among Kurdish people.

Thought Renaissance for human and society moral correction and human place and position promotion and getting out of values destruction based on 4 principles.

Thought Renaissance for human and society moral correction and human place and position promotion and getting out of values destruction are:

1) Rasti=Truth (abstinence from falsehood and sin)

2) Paki=Purity (internally as well as externally)

3) Nisti=Inexistence (degenerating desires to reach to God rank)

4) Reda=Magnanimity (means self-sacrificing and providing services to help human being)

Equality and social justice and lead to kind of supremacy and ethnic self-rule with love and loyalty to protection of Iran country and Medes mythical.

Continuation of Royal system and carrying on being definite in Perdiwari Promise which it has been done from formation of Gathering (Council gathering) and royal family member which still continues.

Sayed Haidar which called as a Sayed Berakae Gooran in beginning of 19th C.century was other part of Yari Movement.in this period of Yarsanian people were trying to real understanding through their thoughts, religious, cultural and historical and also the most important of them were gathering relics and their literature.

Today’s Yarsan society, heir of Yari’s belief, Perdiwari promise with values and ideals and their goals. Goals which never came true and never been forgotten. Oppressions against Yarsan are almost because of their resistance for protecting these inheritances.

Yarsan society social and political situation

Yarsan society has experienced injustice in all aspects and this society from the beginning start unequal fight for protecting their identity.

religious oppression , huge national oppression , inequality rights and deprivation of right of using facilities and individual , political , economic and social deprivation lead Yarsan society to NOT progress singular and plural talent and Yarsanian areas are one the the poorest and full of deprivation in whole Kurdistan and Iran

And being sacrificed to assimilation. Social narrow-minded and huge unawareness in Yarsan society playing a big role with this policy and lead Yarsan society to ignorance.

Publishing lying and faking definition by themself (( on purpose or unknowingly )) and other religions Couse that Our neighbors doubt about us and even Yarsanian people doubt about themself ! And get lost!

Yarsan Followers have been called with different labels such Ahl-haq and Aliollahi , Satanist!

It also necessary to say that the most of the Yarsan followers are living in Iran Kurdistan .Yari religion also among Iran different ethnicities has lot of Followers including: Lor , Azari and Fars.

They having been called in Iraq as Kakaei.

Iran revolution ((1978)) and changing in political structure and religious sovereignty settlement in Iran has different type of political and social tension.

Present dominated Regime in Iran is based on Islamic rules and laws and Velayate Faqih Ideology.

In this religious Regime one the most important condition for having right to being Citizen equal like others is following and being loyal to present Regime and Velayate Faqih

So Yarsan people and other religions followers which are not confirm by Regime will be deprivation of citizenship rights and condemn bearing barbaric discriminations.

despite of Yari religion is common among Yarsan followers which have been captivated in Islamic Republic Of Iran, their existence have been denied and not recognized by Iran Regime according to laws verses 12 & 13 in Iran Official Regime and even their earliest rights been denied and discriminated and following this religion is kind of a crime and consider as a breaking laws.

Yarsan people from the beginning of 57 Islamic Iran Revolution deviations and became a religious Regime, showed their dissatisfaction to these changes in different ways.

In the beginning of Iran Revolutions Victory and continuing to suppressed politics, Yarsan followers cruelly suppression has begun and forced thousands of Yarsanian people to escape from their own country to neighborhood countries like Iraq.

Yarsan people in order to achieving their own social rights during recently three decades had started to establish political Organizations and Movements which we will discuss below:

Ahle-Haq Standing Movement Formation in Early 80s

in early 80s , part of Yarsan with making military political movement (Ahle-Haq Standing Movement) in different Kurdistan areas , simultaneously fought alongside with Kurdistan people democratic national movement.

But because of military and political changes and also huge limitation in area, this movement could not make it and been aborted.

Two Yarsani Organization Establishment: Yarsan Democratic Movement & Yarikurd

In early 90s, transferring a lot of Yarsanian people to those west countries which accept refugees, made a kind of reconsideration and willing to reorganization and possibility social and political formation by outside people came true.

Living in democratic societies helped a lot to Yarsanian people to know more about their individual and general rights.

Common debate between different cultures in European countries being familiar with exact organizational business and social activities about political and social Pluralistic force external part of Yarsanian to make Refugee, Civil, Political and Social Formations.

In present situation Yarsan foreign members society after research and negotiation got this result that based on Yarsan people in Iran situation peaceful fighting and reveals people demands is necessary.

so making a political organization which as a candidate of Yarsanian people in whole world for helping Yarsanian and telling world about their suffering and show and introduce them to world was necessary and finally Yarsan Democratic Organization Movement has been made in March 2007 and Yarikurd Organization in 2010

Yarsan Democratic Organization Introduction

Yarsan Democratic & Yarikurd Movement based on importance of unity of social and political forces and attracting of activists and Yarsanian people for obtaining its own goals and preparing a new common congress as “Yarsan Unity Congress” and it led to establishing Yarsan Democratic Organization.

Yarsan Democratic Organization is a political, democratic organization and believes in political pluralism. It is a system which committed to do Universal Human Right Statement and its appendix and trying to make a Secular and Democratic System in Iran to achieving Freedom, Democracy and Social Justice according to mentioned statement.

Yarsan Democratic Organization believes in Yarsan society should simultaneously trying to break and eliminate national and religious oppression and move forward to obtain different aspects of justice and freedom in social strata. This organization believes in Freedom of Yarsanian Women and it also depends on freedom of women in Iranian Kurdistanian Society. Some examples of other goals are obtaining worker, farmer and intellectual of Yarsanian people rights.

In order to these humanity ideals of Yarsanian society comes true, this organization are cooperating with other liberal movements and organizations in Iran and Kurdistan and expecting their support and cooperation.

Yarsan Democratic Organization fighting is peaceful and based on belief, reality, cultural and political pluralism, and trying to provide a standard, peaceful, secure and safe life for whole strata and Yarsan people and also trying to wake up world conscience and insight about Yarsan people in Iran and Kurdistan.

Goals and Wishes

  1. Care and administration about official United Nations of human right enactment which approved in 1948/03/10 and their supplements and subcategories
  2. avoiding political concentration by letting ethnic and local people take control according to democratic election
  3. separation of religion and government and discontinuing and stopping such term as official or unofficial religion , considering religion as a something personal and showing respect and treating equally to other religions.
  4. Having equally citizenship rights and NOT considering beliefs as an identity to having a peaceful life with other social strata
  5. Doing justice with independent judicatory from government
  6. Stopping achieving people beliefs information in governmental and nongovernmental selection forms
  7. Appointing minimum standard of livelihood
  8. Social and economic backwater compensation by extra budget appropriation to deprived areas and decreasing rural and urban differences
  9. Yarsan followers’ representatives interference, which have been chosen directly and covertly, in local and public legislation parliament and other societies and organizations which are involving in citizenship rights about creation or approving laws.
  10. Delegation Yarsan to locals and right to have some representatives for participating in formal and official negotiations
  11. Creating mother tongue education facilities, detecting, registration and protecting Yarsanian relics and literature and establishing exploratory and scientific places for that
  12. Providing getting back condition for homeless people and asylum seekers based on humanity standards and financial damages compensation to asylum seekers and victims of unwanted war.

Yarsan Democratic Organization Constitution

Article 1 : Name and Formation Identity

1.Organization name is Yarsan Democratic organization ((YDO))

  1. Yarsan Democratic Unity is an independence organization with democratic structure

Article 2 : Membership

1: all people +16 which accept constitution articles and committed to do them, by requisition and Confirming by one of organization committees can be member

2: other political organizations members simultaneously cannot join and being part of YDO

Note1: this article is not including those external organizations in residence countries.

Article 3 : Members Duties

1: trying to achieving goals and organization ideals

2 : organization discipline fidelity

3 : trying to keep unity in Yarsan society

4 : paying annual membership payment according to main committee simultaneously for all members

Note2: asylum seekers, students and people between 16-18 years old should pay 50% of annual membership

Article 4 : Members Rights

1: having right to participate in congress

2 : having right to choose and being choose

Note3: Leaders candidate’s members should be more than 18 years old

3 : having right to suggest or criticize

4 : all members have same right

Article 5 : Membership Termination

1 : members whom breaks organization participates or under any circumstances doing something against organization after Oral and writing warning will be punishment by organization and this punishments are including : temporary membership suspension , organization responsibility termination , and being fire

2 : punishment request prepare by administrative committee and for final decision turn in to main committee

3 : organization have such a right to turn in wrongdoers to official organization with legal prosecution

4 : duties , leeway , privileges would be took of fired and resignation people

Article 6: Organs which Organization Made Of

1: organization main organs are including: Congress, Main Committee and administrative Committee

2 : financial inspection committee , election committee , program and constitution preparation and codification commission. Other sub categories are including: state and urban committees

Article 7 : Congress

  1. Congress is the highest organ of organization; congress is including those people between two congresses which have has passed 3 months of their membership

2: every time Congress has being held between 2 or maximum 3 years

3: congress get official only with participating 2/3 members

4 : suggestion would approved with confirming of half + 1

5 : congress presidium select congress members

6 : extra or exception congress by suggesting of 2/3 main committee or 2/3 members would held

7 : organizing ,time and date appointment of holding congress is belong to main committee authorities

8 : members should have known 2 months earlier of holding congress

Article 8 : Duties And Authorities Of Congress

1: program and constitution approval and making changes on them

2 : selecting main committee and its members by free and democratic election

3 : financial inspection group appointment

4 : election committee selection

5 : holding annual conference before congress

Article 9 : Annual Conference

1 : annual meeting including : main committee , administrative committee ,urban and state committees candidates ,and different commissions and committees candidates

2 : spokesman , two members of committees and two people of state unit lead the meeting

Article 10 : Duties and Authorities Of Annual Conference

1 : investigating of committees annual activities , commissions , rural and urban units and also investigating of their obstacles and difficulties

2 : making suitable suggestions for solving problems and goals progressing of organization and its organs

Article 11 : Main Committee

1 : main committee members have chosen by congress and they are top authority organ between two congress

2 : only those who at least six months been passed in their membership can participate in election

3: Congress makes decision about how many people in main committee

4 : main committee meeting would held every two months , extra meeting would held if 2/3 members would request for it

5 : main committee decisions would be approved if it would be an agreement between 2/3 members

6 : main committee expenses supplied with organization

Article 12 : Duties and Authorities

1 : congress is responsible for doing program and decisions , political and strategy enactment

2 : administrative committee selection from main committee members

3 : duties division between members of main committee

4 : essential organs establishing based on principles

5 : preparation and codification of rules and inside and outside letters

6 : making suggestions for necessary changes in programs and constitution

7 : publishing statements announcements

8 : overseeing on committees and commissions actions

9 : discovering of cooperation and international supporting for achieving organization goals progressing

10 : organizational budget researching and their preparation ways

11 : taking care of complains and criticisms and memberships of members situations.

Article 13 : administrative committee

1 : the highest leadership organ during two main committee meeting

2 : administrative committee would held meeting monthly

Article 14 : Duties and Authorities of administrative committee

1 : administrative committee is responsible for progressing and doing main committee decisions

2 : reporting to main committee

3 : responsible for making connection with other organizations and important people

4 : responsible for publishing statements and organizational announcement

5 : overseeing on committees and commissions

6 : organizational budget regulation and present it to main committee for checking

7 : taking care of members complains and turn them in to main committee in order to making final decision

Article 15 : Countries And Provinces Units

1 : members should try for making progressing in organization in their countries and provinces

2 : those who in charge in units would be chosen by local election

Article 16 : Inspection Committee In Financial Organ

1: inspection committee is including 3 people which will be select by congress

2 : inspection committee should not be member in main committee or administrative committee

3 : inspection committee has continual overseeing on financial organ

4 : inspection committee will report everything to main committee , annual conference and congress

Article 17 : Program And Constitution Preparation And Codification Committee

1 : Codification and regulation of programs and constitution and present it to main committee and congress

Article 18 : Election Committee

1 : election committee is including 3 people which would be chosen by congress

2 : committee will select deserve people and suggest them for organs leadership to congress

3 : responsible for doing election during congress

Article 19 : Financial Organ

1 : organization financial requirements by membership payments of members and charities and people help

Article 20 : Disorganization

  1. Disorganization can be happen if 2/3 science members agree and that organ also makes necessary decisions.

Article 21 : Organization has been chosen ” Freedom , Equality , Yarsani Ideal” as its slogan

Article 22 : Approving and doing

Yarsan democratic Organization with acronym “YDO” in 7 and 8 of June 2014 during Congress 2 in Oslo ((Norway)) had approved Program and constitution to congress

The End

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