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Once again self-immolation of two Yarasani followers in Kermanshah

Irans western province of Kermanshah is home to the largest number of Yarsans community who the depravity people in their region, Yarsan community have been living in the Iran among Muslims people for years with the peaceful coexistence but the Islamic republic of Iran never wants to be like this that all religious and ethnic minority have the same facility and right in their life, therefore several social strata are formed in order to make difference between these minority with Muslims citizen for forcing them to accept their policy otherwise, they should live in the poorest status which the low-level of living conditions put pressure on these minority in the long time and effect on their mental behavior and finally accept it . Since Yarsani follower always looking for peaceful demand and try not to use violence to their claims and at the end, committed suicide based mainly in the Iranian Kurdistan to resolve to self-immolation in protest of the Islamic Republic’s continued harassment of the Yarsan community as well as improving the living conditions especially for low and middle-income people.

The Islamic Republic of Iran views non-official interpretations of Islam as threatening. Several tenets of Yarsan community, such as separation of religion and state, and rejection of religious hierarchy, recognition of their faith in the constitution ,have a right as an official citizen, contradict the Islamic Republic’s doctrine, providing a pretext for specific persecution and some more but over the years since the 1979 revolution, the Iranian Government has destroyed Yarsan places of worship, performed massive crackdowns and arrests, and expelled group members from university and government positions as well as arrest civil activist and so on.

Recently, on April 13, 2017, Mehdi Fayazii (Naderi Nia) set himself on fire and after then Ehsan Fayazii (Naderi Nia) when hearing his brother’s self-immolation immediately burned himself to death exactly on that day but the news of neither self-immolation has not been covered by the local or national media. Mehdi Fayazii had been looking for job many years but finally, find himself workless and he got the panic attack and feel depressed and frustrated whenever he was unable to ameliorate and resolving the terrible situation of Yarsan people that he belong in and realize all problem against his coreligionists is rooted in the constitution that nobody can interfere to fix it, in order to show it clearly how much the Yari follower endure discrimination in the wide ranges set himself on fire thereafter (Ehsan’s immolation) his brother did it too which this event precipitated the self-immolations. The act was in protest of the state’s negligence of this religion and the strict control over its followers. As a result of the continuous restriction on them, two brother Yarsani followers set themselves on fire again which didn’t happen in any other religion minority.

It needs to say that, during July to August 2013, three of the Yarsan Faith followers, Hassan Razavi, Nikmard Taheri and Mohammed Ghanbari, attempted “Self-immolation” to protest against the discrimination and abusive behavior towards Yarsan minority. That was made after a Yarsani prisoner, Kiomars, was made to shave his mustache forcibly, in Hamedan prison, which would insult the followers of this religion’s rituals, the forced shaving of Mr. Tamnak’s mustache is considered cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment and is in violation of international law. After this incident, a young follower of Yarsan, named Hassan Razavi, in Hamadan, attempted self-immolation in front of the Hamedan government office in protest against that and died in hospital after several days. On the morning of 25th May, the same year, another Yarsan follower named Nikmard Taheri in front of the camera, set himself on fire and died an hour later. Until now there is 5 self-immolation of Yarsan follower occurred, how many Yarsani must be sacrificed to express their impeccability and oppressed?

Yarsanism is the greatest minority under assault today without any support of the human right organization or the other human right defender. We’re not a citizen of the world. We are a citizen of the uncharted territory because only in the uncharted territory does citizenship start with Islamic creator I think this is one of the most critical moments in Iran history. We are living in a period where we are surrounded by paganism.

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