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Islamic Regime’s Strategy To Eliminate religious minority such as Yari in Iran

What are Islamic regime’s goals with religious minority?
The Islamic Republic of Iran has been committed for the past 38 years of the Infamous governmental system to a doctrine aimed at wiping religious minority off the society. In this way they’ve been working on plenty of plan to approach it, as everyone knows better than me about dire situation of religious minority in Iran although some of them such as Zoroastrians, Jews, and Christians are officially recognized and protected by the government howbeit they have restrictions to perform their religious rites notwithstanding acceptant by constitution, so there is a question came up that what are exactly position of the other religious minorities for instance “Yarsan”?

Iran has made commendable strides in many areas since the 1979 Islamic revolution for creating close country that nobody able to interfere in their aims to go on its road to developing a better society for all Iranians but how much they have been successfully we can figure it out by background of their achievements in specific period from Revolutions Victory till now thus if we look through Iran’s regime history something always obvious for public opinion that Islamic system has tried to destroy political opponents, religious, cultural as well as unofficial languages which in conflict with Islamic rule due to has been struggling to make a same religion-language-culture according to Islamic belief, so let me make it more clear and write some example of how the system works slowly and quietly for pull down all functions that are opposed to the Islamic system, statements to this effect still pour out of Iran almost daily.
Family: family is the original cell of social life and the civilization start in the family so according to the history if one wants to change or deflect the cultural or religion, by the way, the family should be on target.
The primary function of the family is to ensure the continuation of society, both biologically through procreation, and socially through socialization. Given these functions, the nature of one’s role in the family changes over time. From the perspective of children, the family instills a sense of orientation: The family functions to locate children socially, and plays a major role in their socialization. From the point of view of the parents, the family’s primary purpose is procreation; The family functions to produce and socialize children are affected by Islamic rituals which in Yarsan areas when the baby born at present time, the nurse plays Azan voice(The root of the word is Adhan meaning ” to hear, be informed about God is great”) in the infant’s ear that contrary to the Yarsan beliefs but it was done without the Yarsan principal’s authority and there is no way to protest or criticized because they acted under the authority of the government.

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Birth Registration: according to Article 12 of CR (Civil Registration) law, the birth registration of baby’s ID card (Booklet) of each child in Iran, either his/her parents would be Iranian. The child’s name shall be selected by the person who notifies the childbirth.
A simple or compound name, which is commonly considered as one name can be selected for a child. It is prohibited to select names which denigrate Islamic sanctities as well as repulsive and obscene titles, nicknames or unsuitable names with the gender and also foreigner name in addition selection of name concerning religious minorities approved by constitutional the law shall be subject to their religious culture and language. As far as the writer aware of this rule that carried out by registration office in Kermanshah, Yarsan people can’t choose their desired name according to the Law (note of article 15 of civil registration law), because the deadline for notification of childbirth and obtaining Booklet is maximum 15 days after the birthday so there is no time for protesting or follow up however if someone insist on choosing the name which out of acceptable name of registration office and wasting the deadline time is required to pay fine also since modification of holder’s name is not easily possible after issuance of ID Card, it is required to consider all aspects especially observing Islamic culture as wells as future personally of the child at the time of naming.

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Education system: continuing regime programs to promote Islamic thoughts and eliminate other thoughts seem to be interrelated according to Islamic training which guides by Islamic Republic’s propaganda system from Kindergarten to university in charge of promoting Islamic thoughts and ideology. In this manner, Basij (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) are trying to create children’s characters in kindergarten with teaching them by Islamic behavior such as how to prayer! How to keep hijab! How to read Quran and moreover scaring them by consequence
of refusing to do God’s word.

When the child came back to home and doing all they were learning in the kindergarten thus the family try to convince or aware their kids of government thought which they have been struggling to change our belief but they delivered an early riposte to the family which the preschool teacher told us never ever listen your family if they are going to stop you of the right way that you deserve to be.
The government of Iran is teaching the country’s children to discriminate against women and minorities, to view non-Muslims with suspicion, contempt, and to perpetuate the regime’s theocratic ideology. Discrimination and intolerance are deeply ingrained in the textbooks that make up the core of Iran’s school curriculum. The textbooks present a particular interpretation of Shi’a Islam as the basis of Iran’s political order and adopt this interpretation as their ideological foundation. They often describe this political order as “sacred” and warn that criticism of the regime constitutes opposition to divine, will.
Textbooks play an important role in shaping and socializing students. In countries like Iran, where the government is a key factor in preparing and controlling school curricula, and where educational environments lack the freedom to criticize the textbooks’ content, a student’s learning will become deeply affected. The analysis of the images in the textbooks from Grades 1 to 11 shows discrimination and intolerance in three main areas: 1) women 2) ethnic and religious minorities 3) regional and international outlook.4) history 4) political

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Job: Members of religious minorities, excluding Sunni Muslims, are not allowed to serve in the judiciary, security services, or as public school principals. Applicants for public sector employment are screened for their adherence to and knowledge of Islam, although members of religious minorities, with the exception of Yarsan, can serve in lower ranks of government employment. Government workers who do not observe Islamic principles and rules are subject to penalties. Yarsani is barred from all leadership positions in the government and military even the lowest position in the Islamic republic of Iran. The Gozinesh is a major obstacle among Yarsanies for taking any position in Islamic system and they are always banished from jobs in any aspect.
As we talked with one of the Islamic Marjah (also known as a marjaʿ taqlīd literally means “source to imitate, follow” or “religious reference”, is a label provided to the highest level Shia authority) about the Islamic policy against religious minority has revealed that “they are pursuing Islamic principle which everyone should accept right way toward god and there is no way except Islam and being Muslim so, in this case, we obtain some limitation and prohibition on them to change their devious belief. At first, we’ve been struggling to convince all non-Muslim for being a part of us otherwise we’re trying to weaken them in financial status that means has to change own belief for getting a suitable job or new opportunity. Sometimes they choose the third option that migrates to other cities for being away from the harsh conditions of Yarsan regional but when they flit to another province after some years get married there and absolutely involve with Muslim people thus effect on all they believe already…”

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To be continued…

The government continued to use security law, media law, and other legislation to arrest
and prosecute Yarsanis Kurds for exercising their rights to freedom of expression and have the civil right as the other citizen.The government reportedly banned Kurdish-language newspapers, journals, and books and punished publishers, journalists, and writers for opposing and criticizing the government policies. Although speaking the Kurdish language was not prohibited, schools were prohibited from teaching it. Yarsanies were not allowed to register most Kurdish names
for their children in official registries and many so on.
The regime used to not have very close relations with the religious minority.Needless to say, Yarsanism is the greatest minority under assault today without any support of the human right organization or human defender.

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