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Iran Arrests Dozens Of Kurds For Supporting The Referendum

Iranian Security forces in Kurdish cities of the country arrested dozens of people who supported the Iraqi Kurdistan’s Referendum.

According to the Democracy Center for Human Rights in Kurdistan, the mass arrests took place in Iranian Kurdish cities of Bukan, Mahamad, Sanandaj, Kamiaran, Saqez, Ilam, and Mako.

Edris Qaderi, Sulaiman Biposh, Awat Sultani, Diako Pormustafa, Rahman Khosravi, Ghafur Nasiri, and Rahman Qaderi have been arrested in Bukan’s village of Haji Abad and Rahim Afshari in Qanzali village.

Runak Aqai who had been arrested in Mahabd due to dancing and carrying Kurdish flag is transferred to Urmia and is still in captivity.

Bakhtiar Khoshnaw was also arrested in Saqz.

At least two Kurds named Adib Shaikhkanloo and Ali Tohidast were arrested in Mako.

Faramarz Malekshahi who is a social activist was also captured in Ilam.

In Sanandaj at least four people named Arsalan Alimoradi, Abdulbaset Amini, Mozafar Salehnia, and Sina ZandSalimi were arrested.

Layeq Rahmani, Ali Waisi, Yaser Farajollahi anf Faraidun Karimi were also arrested in Kamiaran.

Those arrested in Kamyaran, Layegh Rahmani, Yaser Farajollahi and Fereydoun Karimi remain in detention, with 10 detainees held in the Intelligence Ministry’s detention center in Javanroud, according to KHRN.

Some of the prisoners were released after they made a commitment to not participate in such activities, the place for other is still unknown.

Kurdish people in Iranian Kurdistan stormed in streets and rallied in Support of the Iraqi Kurdistan’s referendum.

The Iraqi Kurdistan held an independence referendum on September 25 which was opposed by regional countries.Iran arrests dozens of Kurds for supporting the referendum.

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