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Counseling session of the Yarsan Democratic Organization


Yarsan Democratic Organization Central Committee arranged a meeting with the participation of the organization’s members and advisory committees at saturday 19.01.2019 in Koping, Sweden.

The meeting was organized as a result of a series of meetings and proposals for a central committee, representatives of countries committees and advisors. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the current developments in Iran and the conditions within the oppositions of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and to determine the strategic policy of the organization at this point, in relation to recent political developments and other issues within the organization.

At the start of the meeting, Mansour Javanmiri, the deputy spokesman for the Yarsan Democratic organization welcomed the participants of assembly, and emphasized the need for consultation between the organization’s organs on important issues such as central committee decisions on political developments. He also presented the audience with the latest developments and the current status of the organization.

Amir Salimi, member of the Central Committee and the deputy chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Organization, detailed the participants the recent development in the parties and oppositions of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He informed also the session about policies, strategies and objectives of the Central Committee on mentioned topics, according to the demands and expectations of the Yarsan people.

Amir Salimi, considering the demands and rights of the Yarsan people, and the discrimination that goes on against these citizens, refer to the “Yarsan Democratic Organization Roadmap”. This document, which has been approved by the Central Committee of the Organization, contains important clauses which, in case of implementation, could lead to a revival of democracy in the society, and the people of Yarsan can achieve their human rights and citizenship equality.

The deployment of a decentralized and secular system in Iran was som of the clauses of the “Yarsan Democratic Organization Roadmap” that was discussed with members of the YDO. The decentralized government means the existence of several smaller governing bodies, which are elected through voting and have the political power at a local level.

At this meeting, the importance of using the “Kurdish Gurani” as a native language of the Yarsan people was emphasized, as well as the use of the common Iranian language” Persian” for promoting the goals of the organization and information at the level of the Iranian society is important.

Among other things, using of the organization logo or raising the flag and the anthem was som of the other issues that were shared with the members of the organization at this meeting. The Central Committee of the YDO considered the appointment of a nationalist flag to be a subject of the post Islamic Regime of Iran era and in the democratic conditions in the country. About logo, the Yarsan Democratic Organization uses its official logo and advises its activists to use this logo on all meetings, political gatherings and formal meetings of the organization. The Central Committee remembered that the YDO does not have an official anthem.

The next section of the consultation meeting was dedicated to the suggestions and questions from members and committees of organization. While welcoming such meetings, the participants emphasized the need for dialogue among members and organization’s different organs and provided their questions and suggestions on the policy setting and organization’s Strategic planning.

The participants called for the reasons for determining the current strategic policy of the Central Committee in response to the issues referred to above. They were calling for more insight into the policy and how to determine the organization’s plans and strategies for possible developments inside Iran and opposition forces abroad. The members of the Central Committee of the Yarsan Democratic Organization consider their policy based on the cultural, historic, and irrevocable link between the Yarsan people and the great Iranian society. And according to the authority that the Yarsan Democratic Organization’s Congress has given to this committee, it will adopt the strategies and policies that are appropriate for the Yarsan people. The Central Committee believes that the practical, logical and feasible solution to the realization of equal rights for the Yarsan people is the implementation of the suggested “Roadmap” by Yarsan Democratic Organization.

The recent “proposed agreement of the Iranian Network for the opposition of the Islamic Republic” was proposed for discussion and reviewing by the participants. Some of the activists of the organization considered the agreement to be compatible with the “Yarsan Democratic Organization Roadmap” and they asked that the organization should join this understanding. Some of the cadres of the organization by sending letters, asking for supporting the proposed agreement. But the Central Committee insisted that consultation and further awareness is needed for any understanding and political agreement, and any decision on this matter should be postponed.

At these meeting, Organization’s financial authorities informed participants at the disposal of the financial capability of YDO and noted that the only source of financing for the organization was the payment of membership fees, and the financial contributions of supporters and people of Yarsan. And while thanking and appreciating the contributions received, he asked members of the organization to have attentions about the matter.

In turn, Responsible for propaganda and publication of the of the organization put participants in the work and role of “Yarasanmedia”, the official organ of the organization. Some activists expressed concern about the refusal of articles that should be published on the organization’s official website. The organization’s central committee, with its emphasis on the responsibility of publishing articles and opinions of the members and supporters of the organization and other political activists, insist that reason for not publishing some articles was the observance of predetermined rules of the organization.

In the end, the members of the Central Committee, while thanking members to the active participation, called for further efforts by the organization’s memmbers to advance the policies of the Yarsan Democratic Organization.

Persian to English translator, Ahmad Moradi

Yarsan Democratic Organization Central Committee

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